Ensure students are on task

When students KNOW that you can see what they’re doing on their devices, they’re much more likely to stay on task.

So by using Classroom Orchestrator, you’re really empowering them to do their best.

Let that sink in a moment and begin anticipating all the GOOD things you’ll catch them doing!

Ok, let’s get busy empowering. While some of your student devices are actively being used, announce you’ve got some newfangled techno-magic to see all their screens and will be using it make sure everyone is able to access what they need and make progress on their work. Then click on the appropriate class group.


Note that the Schools navigation point on the left is only displayed for school and district administrators.

The page will begin populating with your students. Below you’ll see we have a couple of students, Liz and Ralph, who have not logged into their devices–both say OFFLINE. Click View Screens in the upper-right corner, and you’re off to do some empowering!


Here’s the sort of things you’ll see. If the image size doesn’t suit you, click the options icon … at top  then select large thumbnails or list view.


On Calvin’s screen above, the mouse is hovering to expose an action: Zoom. Windows devices will display an additional action: Control. We’ll talk about Control later, but suffice it to say, if you’re using Windows, you’d be able to ever-so-quietly take control of a student’s device.

Here’s what Zoom lets you see–an enlarged screen of Calvin’s active window and, just below that, a link to the active tab and all other open tabs. Hey look, Calvin is working on his Romeo & Juliet report. Well, at least when he’s not checking out League of Legends and Minecraft. If you feel like those sites may be distractions for Calvin, you can click the links to see the page and even quietly close those tabs by clicking the x to the right.



Click the top expansion icon to enlarge your view of the active tab. Then click the top circled x to close the zoom window.

propeller_hatPro Tip. Here’s some stuff about how Classroom Orchestrator works that will keep your blood pressure in check.

1. Classroom Orchestrator is NOT streaming video of every student’s device–that would likely wreak havoc on your classroom’s Internet access. Instead, your school or district administrators have agreed on a screen-capture interval that won’t overwhelm your wifi. If you’re curious, the default is to record and upload a screen capture every 30 seconds.

2. Your local administrators also determine WHEN student devices can be monitored. If students are toting them home after school, Classroom Orchestrator is likely configured to only work during school hours.

3. You can set a session duration from 10 minutes up to 2 hours, so long as you’re within the hours allowed to monitor as noted above. Of course you can stop a session any time by clicking Stop–and you probably want to if the students are leaving your class with their devices (wouldn’t want to prevent the next teacher from monitoring/empowering them).

4. Specific to Chromebook devices: When you view screens of students’ Chromebooks, you’ll see their activity in the Chrome browser without any student warning or interaction. That is UNLESS your school admin has configured Classroom Orchestrator to capture the entire Chromebook desktop. Then students receive a request that they must accept for you to see their screen. Here’s what that looks like on the students’ Chromebooks. They’ll click the thumbnail image of their screen and then click the Share button.

Share your screen - Management for Chrome