Focus attention on your screen

Do you sometimes find students are unable to focus on your projected screen? Maybe there’s a line-of-sight issue, a vision issue, or maybe it’s the distraction of their own screens in front of them. Whatever the issue, you can overcome it by broadcasting your screen to their screens.

Chrome and Windows devices work differently, so we have tools for each.

Chrome Broadcast

Pushing your entire screen or a single window to group members’ devices requires the following.


  • All devices (Chromebook, Windows, Mac, or Linux): Chrome browser
  • Student devices: To automatically open a tab displaying your broadcast, the Management for Chrome extension must be installed on student devices and students logged into Chrome. If not, have students navigate to the provided public link.
  • Teacher’s device: Lightspeed Systems Chrome extension, Broadcast for Chrome

Start Broadcasting

With the Broadcast for Chrome extension installed and enabled, you’ll see the Broadcast icon Broadcast Icon in your Chrome browser on the top right. Go to the tab you want to project, click the Broadcast extension icon and login if necessary.

You can broadcast your screen or a particular window to other devices in two ways.

Public Link: Instruct users to go to the displayed web address.

Push to Devices: Select a group to automatically open a tab on members’ devices. Note this requires Lightspeed Systems Management for Chrome extension on student devices, and that students be logged into Chrome.

  • 1. Open what you will be broadcasting–a website in a browser, a video on YouTube, or any program on your device.
  • 2. In the Broadcast extension, leave as a Public Link or select a group to broadcast to and click share
  • 3. A selection pane will display. Select your full screen or an individual, open window to broadcast. Click share.

You’ll know you are broadcasting successfully when a confirmation window displays and the number of devices receiving the broadcast begins to tick away on the Broadcast icon.

Stop sharing anytime with the floating toolbar.

Note: If you hide the toolbar, it will be minimized as a separate Chrome browser window. Just jump into that browser whenever you’re ready to stop sharing.

Windows Broadcast

Pushing your entire screen or a single window to group members’ devices requires the following.


  • Student devices: Any device will do. To automatically open a tab displaying your broadcast in their default browser, the student devices need the Lightspeed Management Agent, which is normally installed by your technology staff
  • Teacher device: Lightspeed Management Agent, normally pushed to your device by your technology staff.

Start Windows Broadcasting

After navigating to a class, from the Options menu select Start Windows Broadcast. The broadcast will automatically expire in one hour.