Get all eyes up front quickly

When it’s time to rein in the masses, try this trick. Go to your current class and select from the Options menu, Lock Devices. It does not matter if you are actively viewing screens or not.


As confirmation, a pop-up will let you know the command has been sent and that the lock will expire in one hour. Of course you can use the Options menu again to Unlock Devices whenever you deem fit. Students will resume where they left off.



studentStudent View. Within a few seconds, every student with a device will see this–and you’ll have the stage.



propeller_hatPro Tip. If students will be moving to another class with their devices and the lock has not expired, be sure to unlock their devices as they go. Then later in the faculty lounge you can skip any conversations about students being locked out of their devices. 🙂

footstepsWalk through it. Take a guided walkthrough of these steps inside Classroom Orchestrator now.