Help a student get back on track

You may have some students who like to test their boundaries. 😉 When you bump into that, here are some ways you can help them find their way again.

Take a moment to assess the situation

It’s probably a good habit to check and see where and how long they’ve strayed on the Internet–to either confirm or challenge your assessment that they are off task. You can do that with just a couple quick clicks. First, click the down arrow next to the student’s name and select URL History.


When you select the current date from the subsequent page, you’ll see an accounting of everywhere they’ve been–that includes the page title, a link to the page so you can check it out for yourself, and the amount of time they spent there in hours/minutes/seconds. Below you can quickly skim down and see how long Calvin was on – MINECON 2016 a couple different times.


Zoom in and close browser tab(s)

Click on your class name in the top navigation to get back to the student screens. While the Classroom Orchestrator View Screens session is still active, we can hover over a student screen and click Zoom. Below we can see Calvin’s active tab as well as other open tabs in his browser. Do you see what you’d do if you wanted to close the and League of Legends tabs?


Yes, just click the x to the right of the website title.

studentStudent View. Within a few seconds, selected tabs quietly close on Calvin’s device. Watch and see, but don’t blink.


Lock the device

Alternatively, you can lock a student’s device. Click the down arrow next to the student’s name–like we did when we went to look at URL history–and click Lock.  You will see this confirmation.


studentStudent View. The student’s screen will change to this within a few seconds (even if they try switching tabs).


Now watch for their head to pop up–and give them the all-knowing eye. That can be fun. Have a little chat if necessary. Whenever you’re ready for them to get back at it, you’ll use the same menu next to their name to unlock the device. Or let the hour run out and it will unlock automatically. Either way, the Eyes On Me screen will disappear and return them to their active tab.


Eyes Up