How do I find items in the Library?

How do I find items in the Library?

Clickable links in the left column let you browse the Campus Library and District Library by subject area and grade level. You can also search by title or keyword either separately–or in addition to subject area and grade level.

If you simply type “abc song” into the search box at the top right corner of the page and press [Enter], your results will look something like this.


Page through results and click on any tile to see the item page as below. Additional details will display, and you can click the resource image to visit the website or play the video.


After reviewing a resource, you can:

  • add your rating by clicking on the appropriate star
  • flag the item as inappropriate–if flagged by three different users, it will be automatically removed from the library
  • copy the web address to share with students–the secret sauce in the URL ensures it won’t be blocked by the web filter
  • navigate to related resources displayed beside or below the details for this item
  • navigate to the subject area using the link beside ratings
  • “Push To” is for Mobile Manager customers to push web shortcuts to student devices