Keep everyone in one app for a while

When it’s time for everyone to be taking notes in Notability or spending 30 minutes in your math/reading/science/coding/history/language/whichever app, you can remove all other app distractions by temporarily allowing only the app you select. We call it App Lock, and it’s super easy to make happen.

First you’ll create the policy from a template, then you’ll activate the policy for a period of time whenever you’re ready.

Create a Policy

  • 1. From Launch, select Mobile Manager
  • 2. Select the class group that you want to manage
  • 3. Click on the upper Policies tab
  • 4. Click the green “+” sign in the bottom right corner and the following template displays
  • policy-template5. Name the policy something descriptive like Only Allow Notability App
  • 6. Click App Lock just above the Name
  • 7. In the Application section, select the desired app from the drop-down list
  • 8. Check the SET box
  • app-lock-notability
  • 9. Turn on other iOS options as desired by clicking Yes and SET. These options are supported on all supervised iOS 7+ devices.
  • 10. Scroll down and click Save

Once the policy is saved, you’ll find it accessible in each of your groups.


Activate a Policy

Let’s see how to activate it now.

  • 1. Next to DURATION, select 5 minutes to 3 hours
  • 2. Click the green play icon to activate the policy


footstepsWalk through it. Take the guided walkthrough in Mobile Manager.