Temporarily tweak students’ Internet access with Web Zones

Web Zones let you temporarily tweak a whole class group of students’ Internet access while under your supervision. They’re useful for letting students access social media sites in the context of a digital citizenship lesson, or for visiting e-commerce sites for a personal finance or business lesson. Their access will automatically expire after the amount of time you designate.

propeller_hatPro Tip. After you’ve reviewed the site(s) for classroom appropriateness, you may want to go the extra measure to find out why the site is currently blocked by the Web Filter in the first place. Fortunately you can quickly search the content database to discover how it was categorized and why–you can even review the links within the site and unique words.

Now, just follow the directions below to create your Web Zone. Once it’s activated, students in your class will automatically have their Internet access rights changed for the time period you select, from 5 minutes up to 3 hours.

Allow access to normally blocked site(s):

  • Log into Launch
  • Click Web Zones
  • Select a class group. If you don’t see any groups, check with your technology administrators. They can create them using data from the student information system. And yes, you’ll have to have a group of students created to apply a Web Zone.
  • Click Icon - Add in the lower-right corner to create a Web Zone


  • Give it a descriptive name because you can re-use this Web Zone in other classes and anytime in the future
  • Copy and paste web addresses that you want students to be able to access
    propeller_hatPro Tip. You do NOT need to include http:// or https://
  • Click Create and the Web Zone will appear in a list as below


  • Click a duration to temporarily allow access
  • Click play icon to activate

propeller_hatPro Tip. You’ll find every Web Zone you create is accessible no matter which class you’ve selected.

propeller_hat Pro Tip: If students are in a Web Zone activated by another teacher, you can remove them from that Zone by activating one of your own Web Zones. To return them to normal Internet access, create a Web Zone with no restrictions (i.e., nothing in either the blocked or allowed lists) and save it as something like, “Normal Access.” Activate that for a group anytime one or more students need out of another teacher’s Web Zone.

footstepsWalk through it. Take the guided walkthrough of Web Zones inside Launch now.

studentStudent View. Students do not need to accept the changes to their Internet access. It is completely transparent to them–well, at least until they try to reach a site that you’re not allowing at the time. Then they’ll see the usual “not available” screen.