Turn on device cameras for a while

School-issued devices commonly have the cameras disabled by policy. And for good reason. The world doesn’t need that many more selfies, and you don’t want your paper-based quizzes digitally distributed in advance of class. But if you’re going on a field trip or wanting students to video record a presentation or performance, or any of another thousand reasons where the camera could be used for some educational good, then it’d be super if you could flip those cameras on for a bit.

Well, with Mobile Manager, you can. And it’s easy.

First you’ll create the policy from a template, then you’ll activate the policy for a period of time whenever you’re ready.

  • 1. From Launch, select Mobile Manager
  • 2. Select the class group that will need their cameras enabled
  • 3. Click on the upper Policies tab
  • 4. Click the green “+” sign in the bottom right corner and the following template displays
  • policy-template5. Name the policy something descriptive like Allow Camera Use
  • 6. Check the SET box next to Allow use of camera
  • 7. Make sure the VALUE is set to Yes
  • policies-allow-camera
  • 8. Click Save.

Once the policy is saved, you’ll find it accessible in each of your groups.


Let’s see how to activate it now.

  • 1. Next to DURATION, select 5 minutes to 3 hours
  • 2. Click the green play icon to activate the policy

propeller_hatPro Tip. You can have multiple policies running at once. For example, you may want to simultaneously enable the camera and disable web browsing.


footstepsWalk through it. Take the guided walkthrough in Mobile Manager.