Turn on or off a Launch Web Zone

Once you’ve created a Launch Web Zone, it’s easy to activate it for five minutes to three hours. And you can deactivate it ahead of schedule if needed. Select a group and the Web Zones you’ve created will display.

Find the Zone you want to activate and select the duration from the drop-down menu. Then click the green play icon to activate a Web Zone.


When a Zone is active, you will see a countdown of the remaining time. To change the remaining time, click the timer to open a dropdown list.

Can I activate more than one Web Zone at a time?

Students can only be in one Web Zone at a time. Only the most recently-activated Web Zone will apply.

How do I turn off (deactivate) a Web Zone?

Web Zones time out automatically when the selected time has elapsed.

Alternatively, click the red stop icon to deactivate a Web Zone at any time. This will immediately restore students to the school’s default web filter policy.

propeller_hat Pro Tip: If students are in a Web Zone activated by another teacher, you can remove them from that Zone by activating one of your own Web Zones. To return them to normal Internet access, create a Web Zone with no restrictions (i.e., nothing in either the blocked or allowed lists) and save it as something like, “Normal Access.” Activate that for a group anytime one or more students need out of another teacher’s Web Zone.

What if the targeted students aren’t in the same group?

While Web Zones created in Launch are ideal for applying Internet-access rules to a pre-defined class group, a couple other scenarios may also be accommodated by your technology administrators.

1) Mix of students working in a defined IP range. IT staff can create fixed Web Zones that will apply to a range of IP addresses and allow teachers to manage all users’ access to Internet content regardless of what groups they belong to, which is especially suitable for a computer lab and similar scenarios.

2) Ad hoc groups. When teachers need to apply Web Zones to ad hoc groupings of students, they can have those students request to join an open Web Zone.

Fixed and open Web Zones are managed differently. See instructions for admins, instructions for teachers.