Use Launch Web Zones to temporarily override Internet rules in class

Web Zones are like virtual rooms that teachers can use to temporarily override web filter rules. Web Zones have always been available to teachers via the Lightspeed Web Filter, but they can also be administered directly from Launch.


Here are a few ways you can use Web Zones in the classroom:

  • Allow students to watch a video originating from a site that would ordinarily be blocked, for example,
  • Block all access to the web during a test so students can’t look up the answers online.
  • Allow students under 13 years old to access websites that require adult consent and supervision under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

From the Web Zones page, teachers can specify web sites the students in their groups can or cannot access. The Web Zone will be applied automatically to all students in the group for the time you specify — as long as three hours, or as brief as five minutes. The Web Zone will expire automatically, or you can deactivate it manually.

footsteps Walk through it. Try the guided test drive of Web Zones inside Launch now.