5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Classroom Management Solution

Managing a class full of students on devices can give rise to some challenges — but solutions that let you view and manage student screens can help. When considering which solution is right for you, ask these questions:

1. Does it capture all browser windows?

Some screen monitoring solutions only view the active or primary browser window. This means a student can have an appropriate site in the browser window the teacher sees, while having inappropriate items in other browser windows. You need a solution that captures the whole device screen, not just certain windows.

2. Can it see app windows?

Some solutions aren’t able to view app screens, leaving students able to use calculators or other apps without the teacher having any indication within their own view. Again, make sure you can see the whole student screen.

3. How much will it impact my network performance?

With 30+ students in dozens of classrooms all across your school, monitoring screens can hinder network performance and use a lot of bandwidth. Choose a solution built with network performance at top of mind and with dynamic refresh rates so you can determine how often screen views should be updated based on the school, class, or activity.

4. Does it include settings to turn off monitoring after hours?

When students take devices home or are using them during off-hours, monitoring screens could be considered an invasion of privacy. Make sure the solution you select protects student data privacy (and your district) by letting administrators turn off screen monitoring on weekends or after-hours.

5. Is it easy to use?

Classroom management solutions are only effective if teachers use them. An easy-to-use interface is essential to buy-in and use, and these are essential to the success and ROI of your entire mobile learning program.

icon-classroom-orchestrator-172x172Classroom Orchestrator from Lightspeed Systems is a next-generation classroom management solution, providing screen monitoring and management across platforms with ease of use, privacy protection, filter integration and low-impact cloud infrastructure built in.

If you’re adding devices, and need a solution to help teachers in classrooms monitor them and keep students on-task, check it out.

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