All Your Questions About iOS 9, Answered

Tomorrow, September 16, is the launch of Apple’s iOS 9 operating system. Before you and your users update, here’s what you need to know about iOS 9’s new features and how your Lightspeed solutions will be affected.

Q: Which Apple devices support iOS 9?
A: iOS 9 is a free upgrade supported by iPad 2 and greater, iPhone 4S and greater, and fifth and sixth generation iPod touch.

Q: I use Lightspeed’s Mobile Filter. What does iOS 9 mean for me?
A: iOS 9 will issue in a number of new features, one of the most exciting being fully supported filtering! Lightspeed has been asking Apple for this for years, so it’s a very welcome new development.

Q: When will Mobile Manager support iOS 9? What features can I look forward to?
A: As soon as iOS 9 is released! Our MDM, Mobile Manager, offers zero-day support for iOS 9. We have been hard at work to ensure that our customers experience no delay.

With iOS 9 and Mobile Manager, you can:

– Assign and deploy a VPP-purchased app to a device using the server without the need for an Apple ID on the device
– Deploy apps to a device while keeping the App Store restricted so the end user can’t see or use it
– Allow Mobile Manager to manage an app without having to remove/reinstall the app
– Restrict users from being able to trust Enterprise Developer Profiles for third-party apps (think vShare)
– Keep users from changing wallpaper on iPads
– Keep users from renaming iPads

You can find a more extensive list of iOS 9’s features here, on Apple’s website.

Q: I don’t want iOS updates draining my bandwidth. How do I control iOS 9 updates on my network?
A: The new update will be only about 1.3 gigabytes. (iOS 8 took up about 4.3 gigs of space.) However, if many users try to update simultaneously, this can still strain your bandwidth.

If you have Lightspeed’s Rocket, you can block iOS updates or make updates available only to specific users or during specific times (i.e. non-school hours). Follow these instructions to create rule sets for iOS updates. There is no supported way in Apple’s management tools to prevent users from upgrading.

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