Six Signs You Need the Management Bundle for Windows

You’ve heard the name, you’ve read the emails, you’ve seen the tweets. Everybody is talking about our Management Bundle for Windows. But is it for you? Here are six signs that you need the new Lightspeed Systems Management Bundle for Windows.

1. You think Windows device management is hard

If you have Windows devices in your school, you need smart, easy, day-to-day management for them — and that’s exactly what we designed the Lightspeed Systems Management Bundle for Windows to provide. With the Bundle, you can manage all device restrictions, push apps, lock apps, control online testing settings, monitor activity, manage Windows Defender and Windows updates, and a lot more. (Your delegated school staff and classroom teachers can do what they need to do easily, too.) And you can do it all from an intuitive, time-saving dashboard that’s tuned to your school hierarchy and environment. Plus, if you have other Windows management tools like SCCM or Windows SUS, the Bundle can work complementarily with them. With the Bundle, Windows device management in schools is finally easy.


2. You’re considering Chromebooks because you’ve heard they’re easy to manage

Or maybe your teachers have heard they’re easy to manage. Well, with the Management Bundle for Windows, you can have the best of both worlds: the power and ubiquity of Windows and Office 365 on your choice of hardware WITH the easy on-boarding and simple day-to-day management you might have thought you can only get with Chromebooks. With the Bundle, devices can be ready to hand straight to students in seconds; your teachers can confidently manage student devices in their classes; and you can integrate with your favorite Office 365 tools like OneNote. Oh, and if you already have users who have documents in Google, we’ve solved that, too: You can convert those docs to O365 and OneDrive in a single click.

Cloudbook copy

3. You’re managing different devices and OSes with separate tools

Who has time for that? Most schools have multiple device types, and now you can manage your Windows devices as well any iOS, Mac OS, Android and Chrome devices from a single spot. The Bundle saves you time, expense, and frustration by pulling together everything you need to manage all your devices. Multiple device types, 1:1, cart deployments, shared devices, BYOD – the Bundle lets you handle all of them.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.20.25 PM

4. You have frustrated teachers

All those devices you’re buying and managing need to be able to be used effectively in schools and classrooms across your district. With the Bundle, we’ve made delegation simple and smart so all your teachers can confidently integrate technology into their classrooms. In seconds, teachers can do everything they need from their own dashboard: push content, monitor student screens, lock devices, view device battery levels, reset passcodes, and temporarily adjust device controls from their own dynamic dashboard. Plus, classes are automatically populated with the right students and devices, thanks to SIS or directory integration. With 50-minute class periods, teachers don’t have a minute to waste. The Bundle gives you the perfect balance of centralized control and delegated management that saves everyone time and eases frustrations in and out of the classroom.


5. You wonder if anybody thinks about the technology behind state testing

There’s a lot of talk about state testing, but little of it addresses everything that goes into it from a technology standpoint — from choosing the devices based on specified requirements to ensuring your bandwidth can accommodate online tests to getting the devices test-ready. We get it. And the Bundle lets you easily manage all of it with Test Zones that lock students into testing apps or websites, control device settings and restrictions, and manage and report on network traffic during testing.


6. You don’t ever seem to have enough time

IT teams are shrinking, technology projects are increasing and class sizes are growing. The Bundle can help with an intuitive interface, smart delegation, powerful controls and reports, and the services and support schools need to go along with them. Policy settings happen in a click, updates happen automatically in the cloud, delegated personnel can manage the things you want without help tickets, and temporary policies can be set and forgotten since they automatically expire. We’re giving schools their most precious resource: time.

If any of these apply to you, join us for a DEMO or contact a SALES REP for more information today.

We’ll show you why school IT pros who have seen the Lightspeed Systems Management Bundle for Windows are saying, “this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for,” “simply amazing,” and “I need this now!”

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