6+ Reasons You Should be Using Mobile Manager v3 to Manage Your School Devices

Mobile Manager was made just for schools, and makes managing devices across your school easy. And now, v3 of Mobile Manager brings even more benefits! It adds support for the latest Apple programs, provides multi-device support for iOS, MacOS, Windows 8 and Android (and soon Win 8.1), and adds some great new features to make your lives easier and your devices more powerful.

Notice: All Mobile Manager v1 users need to migrate to v3 by July 1, 2014.

Here’s some information on why and how to migrate to v3 today.

Why Migrate?

1. Managed Distribution – v3 allows you to take advantage of Apple’s Managed Distribution program to seamlessly pass out and retrieve apps, as well as silently push apps to supervised devices
2. Device Enrollment Program – v3 allows you to take advantage of DEP to wirelessly deploy devices and prevent the Mobile Manager profile from being removed
3. Smart Groups – You’ll automatically get two “smart” (automatic and dynamic) groups with v3: Teachers and Students. This makes it easy to push apps and set policies based on roles
4. SIS integration – Mobile Manager can sync with your SIS so users and groups are always up-to-date without extra management for you
5. Dashboard – Get a snapshot view of your mobile deployment, including recently deployed apps and recently enrolled devices
6. Integration with My Big Campus – If you use MBC, you’ll be able to allow teachers to manage devices right within their MBC classes and groups


Migrate to v3 today to use all of these powerful features! All you have to do is email support@lightspeedsystems.com to schedule your migration. We’ll work with you every step of the way. Don’t worry: the process is transparent to users and devices and all of your devices, manually created groups, and apps will be migrated.


Wait! What if I’m not even using v1 yet?

If you aren’t using Mobile Manager yet, let us give you a demo to show you how it can help you easily and more effectively manage all the devices in your school–and ensure a greater impact on academic performance! Just request your personalized demo here.

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