Release Note: Mobile Manager: March 21, 2017

Mobile Manager was updated today.


1. The Group Details report for smart groups now displays two new fields: User Type and Grade.

2. If a user is the owner and a member of the same group, the option to remove the user’s group membership now appears when viewing the user.

3. A Validate Proxy field has been added to the Global Proxy policy. Before, when the Type is set to Auto, the PAC File URL was automatically validated. This caused issues with PAC files contained on local networks.  The Validate Proxy switch allows you to bypass the validation in instances such as these.

4. There is a new field for Grade when viewing users.


1. Fixed an issue when viewing the Group Details report in smart groups.
2. Fixed an issue that caused some apps to not display an assigned count or percentage if some or all of the apps have been refunded or retired.