Release Note: Mobile Manager November 1st, 2017

An update for Mobile Manager was released which includes:


– The top bar has been rearranged. A new group switcher has been added, along with bookmarked groups moving into it and being called “Starred” groups. When searching, results are formatted nicer. The drop-down for privileged admins to switch orgs has been moved to the left side nav above the list of sub groups.
– Commands now process better when shared devices are logged out. If a device is stuck on a user command, Updating Information will cause the commands to start processing.
– Added paging to the Inherited Apps tab of the Device page, which displays 100 apps per page.
– Added additional fields to the users and admin pages, including Username, Managed Apple ID, Grade, and User Type.
– The new iOS 11 Files app has been added to the iOS Screen Layout Setting search and App Lock/App Permission Policy search. Additionally, icon sizes have been standardized in these 3 locations.


– Corrected the issue of devices currently stuck in App Lock, and the issue will not be presented with future App Locks. A simple device resync will fix the issue.
– Corrected an issue where the License count on the Apps tab of the Device page would display an incorrect value.
– Under Apple Classroom settings at the group level, fixed an issue that caused the Resync button to not work.
– With iOS 11, an issue was introduced that caused non-touch ID devices in lost mode to be unable to be removed from lost mode if the location was checked. As a resolution until this gets fixed on Apple’s side, we no longer check for location on iOS 11 devices.