Release Note: Mobile Manager November 7th, 2017

Mobile Manager has been updated with the following:

Added a feature to the Google Accounts, Contacts, and Exchange ActiveSync policies to add a default call (VoIP) app to be used when calling contacts. The field, Communication Service Rules, is available in each of these policies to configure the default VoIP app.

Custom Fields 1-5, which are located on the General tab of the Device page, can now be used as payload variables in policies. The information you enter into the Custom Fields will be available as variables. You can see the variable name for each custom field by navigating to the Payload Variables tab. To use these custom fields as variables, just enter %custom_field_1%, %custom_field_2%, etc. in the desired field within Mobile Manager.

Added support for third party Web Filters. Please see the Community site for details regarding its use.