Release Note: Mobile Manager October 18th, 2017

An update for Mobile Manager was released which includes:


– Apple Classroom has a new ability to show groups that the device is in while logging in on shared devices. This can be enabled at the organization-level Classroom settings.

– Apple Classroom changes at the organization-level will now cause updated Classroom profiles to push to all relevant devices after 15 minutes. When a setting is changed, a notice will appear at the organization-level Classroom settings page stating at which time these profiles will start sending. If any further changes are made before this time, then they will take effect at that time and only one profile will be sent to each device. There is also a button to cancel these pending changes within the 15 minute period.

– A new field has been added to the General tab of iOS, macOS, and Apple TV devices. This shows a timestamp for when the device was enrolled.


– Some apps incorrectly displayed information for the same app but from another country. This has been corrected.