Release Note: Web Filter Longhorn (v3.2.1): March 30, 2017

Web Filter Longhorn (v3.2.1) is here!

Web Filter Longhorn gives you the power to protect. Longhorn (v3.2.1) updates our industry leading Web Filter with key tools to help you manage your school’s web and mobile traffic. Our Adaptive AI Database leverages AI, machine learning, and the infinite cloud for the most accurate and comprehensive categorization of the Web. Our Dynamic Reporting Engine provides you with highly customizable reporting capabilities, turning mass quantities of user traffic data into actionable dashboards, reports, and real-time activity feeds. Web Filter Longhorn features a variety of key enhancements, including improved search controls, easier navigation, better proxy options and methodologies, and a vast array of additional fixes and changes.

For detailed upgrade instructions, courses, and helpful tools please refer to our Rocket Upgrade Guide.

Make sure to register for the Web Filter Longhorn (v3.2.1) webinar to be held on April 6th for a detailed tour of the new Web Filter and an in-depth Q&A session.

Please note the following enhancements, changes, bug fixes and known issues:

Note: After the update to 3.2.1, the built-in ‘admin’ account will be prompted for a password reset the next time that account logs in to the web console. The password reset also changes the admin password used when accessing the local appliance console on the Rocket.


  • Identification Method Priority — Added the ability to prioritize which identification methods will be used. Learn more here.
  • YouTube Restricted Mode – There are now two levels of YouTube Restricted Mode available: Moderate and Strict. Learn more here.
  • Bing Safe Search — Added the Bing Safe Search DNS remap option. Learn more here.
  • Changes have been made to the Proxy Certificate Help Link to help simplify the certificate installation process.
  • Support for soon-to-be-released updated Rocket platforms.


  • Changed the method used to disable internal Mobile Filter clients to improve system performance.
  • Changes were made to the Web Console, PAC file delivery and Access Pages to improve performance.
  • Expanded Proxy SSL Decryption Exemptions to include rules for IP address and ranges.
  • Added new User Agent strings to the Proxy configuration to resolve issues with some Google APIs.
  • Made improvements to the Rule Set and General Web Filter pages to help clarify settings.
  • Added information to the custom time range report generation process.


  • Resolved issues with having the Identity Tracker role on member Rockets.
  • Fixed issues preventing exported reports from being sent to multiple recipients.
  • Resolved an issue where the Traffic By Category report could show the wrong category.
  • Resolved an issue where groups were not identified properly when using UPN style usernames.
  • Corrected an issue with Restore operations not completing on some rockets.
  • Resolved issues with Blocked For Review reports not working properly in clustered environments.
  • Resolved an issue with Customer ID validation not forcing uniqueness in each tier.
  • Corrected issues that could result in licenses not being updated properly.
  • Corrected issues with Web Filter Overrides not activating properly.
  • Resolved several issues with Web Zones, including fixes for Open Zones, Fixed Zones and Integrated Zones.
  • Corrected numerous Identification related issues with LMA, DCUA, PCUA, RADIUS, Proxy, Mobile Filter, ChromeUA and Captive Portal clients.
  • Corrected filtering issues where IP address based web requests would not be filtered properly.
  • Corrected issues with Google Image thumbnail blocking.
  • Resolved several issues with the System Health widget and notifications for single server and clustered environments.
  • Corrected numerous issues with report generation, sorting, summarizing, customizing, filtering, exporting and scheduling.
  • Corrected various UI validations to provide proper feedback for error conditions.
  • Fixed issues related to changing the hostname or other network configuration settings on a Rocket.
  • Corrected issues where Rule Set Schedules would not be updated and applied properly.
  • Corrected various issues related to Administrator Roles and Tiered Administration.
  • Resolved issues with database re-categorization for Domains, URLs and IP addresses.
  • Corrected various issues with the Deploy action to ensure settings are deployed when necessary.
  • Resolved various issues related to adding, joining and leaving a Rocket Cluster.
  • Corrected issues related to using Office 365 or GAFE accounts for Rocket management.
  • Corrected issues with uploading and deleting PAC files.
  • Corrected issues with the Backup and Restore process sometimes erroring out after completion.
  • Various other UI-related fixes are included that address styling and localization issues.

Known Issues

  • Large exported reports (>10k rows) may not complete. (If you run into this issue, contact Support for assistance.)
  • Web Filter policies will not be applied properly for local users that are members of groups with special characters.
  • Report generation can fail if IP address filters are added with incorrectly formatted IP addresses.
  • Updates on systems with long retention periods can take longer to complete. When possible we recommend performing this update in a maintenance window.
  • TCUA authentication does not work properly.
  • All services will reload their changes after configuration changes are deployed. On busy systems with large configurations the process can take several minutes.
  • The Audit Log report will not display all system level changes such as recreating SSL certificates; the ‘Rollback’ feature has also been removed.
  • The QUIC protocol primarily used by Google services is always blocked and will be reported as blocked as ‘Peer to Peer’ traffic.
  • The internal directory cache process for Google authentication sources can sometimes fail to complete.

These changes are in addition to the many updates in previous 3.2.1 release candidates. You can review those Release Notes here.

Customers running any Web Filter version 3.x can update now by logging into their Rocket and going to Settings > Appliance > Updates.

Customers can directly download the Web Filter 3.2.1 Longhorn here.

Looking for previous version release notes? View them here.