Release Note: Web Filter Longhorn (v3.4.0rc1) August 11, 2017

Web Filter Longhorn (v3.4.0) release candidate 1 is here!


1. Filter Bypass Controls – Added the ability to ban clients using filter bypass software such as Psiphon and Ultrasurf.

Learn more about: Filter Bypass Controls

2. Selective Transparent Proxy configured by the destination.

Learn more about: Selective Transparent Proxy

3. Added ability to refresh authentication source directory caches on demand.


1. Unused AUX Interface has been removed from Network Interfaces configuration page

2. Editing Policy Assignments now displays the authentication source used for the assignment

3. Added a configuration option to allow or block QUIC connections by tier.

Learn more about: QUIC

4. Added a Smart Play reason code to the Activity Logs reports.


  • Recent search queries now display when an AR is present.
  • Chrome UA reports only use Google directory upon performing lookups.
  • Local admin user should no longer be prompted to change their password for future updates.
  • Scheduled reports now use the correct time range.
  • Assigned policy server no longer breaks cluster disjoins.
  • Mobile device deletion now works with an AR.
  • Temporary report files now cleaned up automatically.
  • URL Patterns no longer allow duplicate names.
  • Show help icon in settings pages.
  • Feedback option now shown for RC releases only.
  • Cluster members no longer inherit the cluster key.
  • Custom reports now allow the Live option.
  • Disabled rocket admin accounts are now properly disabled.
  • Authentication lifetimes greater than 7200 minutes prior to upgrading to v3 are now reset to 7200 minutes.
  • Time zone changes now take effect immediately.
  • Category selection headings now display properly on smaller device screens.
  • License keys are properly updated when changed.
  • Reset text is no longer truncated when recategorizing domains.
  • New local categories default to block or allow inside Block/Allow All Rule Sets.
  • Scheduled reports now send on Saturdays.
  • Corrected error message when using an incorrect MAC Address within assignments.
  • Smart play checkboxes are now disabled if Smart Play is disabled.
  • Corrected an issue where non-UTF-8 characters were not read correctly for user authentication attempts.
  • Corrected an issue where IPv6 external ignores would be used improperly.
  • Mobile devices now removed in background when deleting a tier.
  • Added cluster warning regarding Automatic Updates not being global.
  • Corrected an issue with our package plugin not performing properly during some upgrades.
  • Corrected an issue where the tier selection was displayed when editing Rule Sets.
  • Corrected an issue where some HTTPS traffic would be incorrectly blocked as Ultrasurf.
  • Corrected an issue where cluster members did not update their installed version after completing an update.


Customers running any Web Filter version 3.x can update now by logging into their Rocket and going to Settings > Appliance > Updates.