Web Filter Longhorn (v3.4.0) release candidate 1 is here!


1. Filter Bypass Controls – Added the ability to ban clients using filter bypass software such as Psiphon and Ultrasurf.

Learn more about: Filter Bypass Controls

2. Selective Transparent Proxy configured by the destination.

Learn more about: Selective Transparent Proxy

3. Added ability to refresh authentication source directory caches on demand.


1. Unused AUX Interface has been removed from Network Interfaces configuration page

2. Editing Policy Assignments now displays the authentication source used for the assignment

3. Added a configuration option to allow or block QUIC connections by tier.

Learn more about: QUIC

4. Added a Smart Play reason code to the Activity Logs reports.



Customers running any Web Filter version 3.x can update now by logging into their Rocket and going to Settings > Appliance > Updates.