Release Note: Web Filter Longhorn (v3.4.1) November 8, 2017

Rocket 3.4.1 Release Notes:

Rocket v3.4.1 is now available for upgrade from v3.4.0 and v3.4.1 release candidates!

Please note the following changes since the last available release candidate.


Modified the amount of log output provided in the socket service maintenance script.


Resolved an issue affecting the categorization and over blocking of campus library videos.

Fixed a condition in the policy service that could leave mobile filter identification information in place longer than expected.

Corrected user information that is provided for lockout and ban email notifications.

NOTE: When updating Cluster environments (environments that use a cluster/parent-child configuration) within v3, you must first upgrade the Master/Parent to the first available version and then subsequently upgrade all of the member servers to that same version. Then upgrade the Master to the next available version, followed by the members. Follow this step-up process until all Rockets are on the latest version. (If you don’t follow this process and upgrade the master more than one version above the members, member Rockets will not be able to install the updates and you’ll need to contact support for assistance.)