Release Notes: Community Site: August 18, 2016

Several exciting changes are coming to Lightspeed’s Community Site. We have completely revamped the Community Site interface with the goal of significantly improving user experience. The new Community Site is better organized, easier to navigate, and better looking than its predecessor! For your convenience, all links and bookmarks you have saved will still work, leading to a seamless Community Site experience.

What’s New?

Product Pages

  • Product pages have been completely revamped. Navigating to a product through the Product Info dropdown will open up a page that is completely dedicated to the product and incorporates an easy-to-navigate interface that includes all of the familiar product categories.cs1

New Categories

  • In addition to the familiar product categories, we have added custom categories. Looking for iOS-specific Mobile Manager documentation? Simply click on the iOS category and all related posts will show! Looking for general Web Filter troubleshooting information? Simply click on the Troubleshooting category. Other new categories include Teachers, BYOD, Launch, Chrome, Windows, FAQ, and others.cs2

Top 4

  • Looking for important product information? Each product page now features the Top 4 most important posts at the very top of the page. You will no longer have to browse or search for getting started, installation, user agent, and other key documentation. cs4

Features Topics and Trending Topics

  • Looking for documentation about a recently released product feature? Check the Features Topics and Trending Topics sections at the bottom of each product page. These sections will link you to important featured topics as well as the top trending topics in our search engine.cs3


  • Navigation has been significantly improved. Hate the old left-side navigation bar? Good! It’s gone! Clicking on any category will open up a list of related posts. These lists usually only go one layer deep. You will never again have to browse through endless menus and submenus to find the right document.cs5Ex. Opening the Admins category under Classroom Orchestrator will open up the following menu:cs6
    Clicking on any item will open the item directly in the window:


Related Articles

  • As an added bonus, the system will automatically suggest related articles for you to browse in the left-hand corner Related Articles box.cs8

Smart Organization

  • The new Community Site is organized with you, the end user, in mind. You will find that the category organization on each product page mimicks the category organization found in the product itself. For example, your Web Filter products follow the same chronological pattern as navigational categories within the Web Filter.cs10cs11

User Feedback

  • The changes we made to the Community Site were largely based on user feedback. We have been listening, and we’ll keep on listening! Have any feedback about ANY Community Site post? Is anything incorrect? Is any information incomplete? Let us know! Each page now features a Was This Helpful field at the bottom of the page. Clicking “Yes” lets us know that we’re doing a good job! Clicking “No” will bring up a form that will allow you to directly provide us with feedback. We’ll even e-mail you back letting you know once the documentation was fixed!cs9


  • Loved the way the previous version of the Community Site worked? Do not fret. All of the old functions of the Community Site still work. Search has been optimized to return even better results. The Training library links to key product courses and lessons.