Release Notes: Launch: April 14, 2017

The Lightspeed Launch dashboard has been updated today!


SIS Integration can now be set to Google Classroom. This allows you to fully integrate your Google Classroom setup into Lightspeed Systems products, including all your Google Classroom groups and memberships. This will allow customers who already have Google Classroom to save significant time on group and user management and ensure that all data is accurate and in sync across all platforms.

Note: The Google Classroom SIS sync will not overwrite any previously imported/manually created groups.

To set SIS Integration, navigate to Admin Tools > SIS from the Launch dashboard.

Select Google Classroom under Your SIS Integration. Click Save.

Note: If you have previously authenticated with Google, you will need to deauthorize and then reauthorize to add new permissions.

Click on the Actions menu and select Sync Now to perform a manual sync.

Note:  Launch syncs and continues to sync nightly with Google, making these steps a one-time process.