Release Notes: Mobile Manager – April 06, 2018

The following features have been added and issues have been fixed with Mobile Manager.


  • Added the option to Force Delayed Software Updates and Delay Software Updates (only if Force Delayed Software Updates is enabled) for supervised iOS 11.3+ devices. This feature provides you different time periods to delay the updates. If no time period is selected, updates will be delayed for 30 days by default.
  • Changed “Cellular Settings” to “Device Settings” under Device > Options (for all iOS devices). “Enable Bluetooth” was also added to these settings (only for supervised iOS 11.3+ devices). Bluetooth functionality will be disabled if this setting is not marked when saved.
  • Added more iOS restrictions for Apple TVs running tvOS 11.3+: Allow explicit sexual content in iBook store, Ratings region, Movie ratings, TV show ratings, and App ratings.


  • Resolved an issue to now accept PAC file URLs using “https” (as defined in the Global Proxy payload).