Release Notes: Mobile Manager: August 4, 2017

Mobile Manager was updated today!


1. An option to bulk update macOS devices has been added to Settings > General. Similar to the iOS bulk updates, this will update the OS version to the latest release.


2.  A new policy has been added called Notifications. This policy is specific to shared iOS devices and allows you to set the notification preferences for specific apps.

Learn more about: Notifications

3. There is a new tab for devices called Policy Search. In this tab, you’re able to select certain policies and see where they are being inherited from, along with what’s cached on the device. This tab will also display the device’s last IP, last check-in, and whether it’s using global or on-campus policies.

Use the dropdown to search for groups that have a particular policy configured and affects this device. Click Search to search.


  • Fixed an issue where some licenses wouldn’t display on devices if the container they were from was deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with home screen layouts applying to the device rather than the users on shared devices. This allows a layout to be applied to specific logged in users, rather than the whole device itself. Note that when a new layout is applied, it will remove the previous device-assigned layout automatically.
  • A spelling error on the lockout message displayed when a Mobile Manager license is expired has been corrected.