Release Notes: Mobile Manager – December 18, 2017

Mobile Manager has been updated with the following features and fixes.


  • Updated device search to retain and use the last “search type” (name, serial number, asset tag or MAC address) for the next search.
  • Added the Latest Version Release Date field to the list of assigned and inherited iOS and macOS app installs (Group Name > Apps). This date is noted in red if the app has not been updated in the past 6 months.
  • Added new option to CSV Import settings: Remove Devices from Groups. This import option allows you to remove devices from your groups by uploading a two-column .csv file (one column for device serial number and the other column for group SIS ID).


  • Resolved login issue for users with access to multiple organizations.
  • Removed error message that displayed when switching between groups.
  • Reformatted the Enroll Device page and added a Copy URL button to quickly copy the Chrome Extension URL.
  • Added a warning message to the Policies > Wi-Fi page when a leading or trailing space is entered in the SSID field.