Release Notes: Mobile Manager: June 15, 2017

Mobile Manager was updated today!


1. A new Currently in use option has been added to several Mobile Manager Settings, including Wallpaper Management, Certificate Management, URL Management, and Icon Management. This option shows which item is currently in use, and allows you to open a modal and see where exactly the item is being used. If a group is deleted outside of Mobile Manager, the profile using the item will remain and the modal will display a message stating so.

To utilize this option, simply navigate to one of the applicable Settings categories and click the green Currently in use button.

A popup modal will provide details on the item being used, including which groups it is used in and whether an item is used by a profile that is located within a deleted group.

2. There are now counters that display how many items are in use and not in use in the pagination bar.

3. If a certificate has expired, it’s expiration date under Settings > Certificate Management will display in bold red letters.

4. There is a new column called Distribution Method that has been added to the Export Apps option under Reports > Devices. This will display whether the apps was user installed, a store app, an uploaded app, managed distribution, or other.

5. The ability to select multiple apps and books to install at once has been added for Managed Distribution.

6. There is a new section under Reports called App Updates. This will list any apps that have available updates at the current level and below.

Selecting individual apps will pop up a modal where you can update the app in the selected containers. Select the Groups you want to update and click Update to update the app.


1. Spelling errors have been fixed for the flash messages that appear when either Revoke all licenses or Reassign all licenses (super admins only) are clicked from any app in Reports > Managed Distribution.