Release Notes: Mobile Manager: June 27, 2017

Mobile Manager was updated today!


1. For shared devices, the Classroom profile is now sent to the device upon enrollment before a user logs in. If enrolling into a group with Classroom enabled, the group and its users can be selected on the login page.

2. The classroom profiles now fall under two categories: Device and User. Device classroom profiles are sent to shared devices with no user logged in. They are also sent when a shared device is removed from its MDM user, the title of a Classroom group is changed, a Classroom group is deleted, a user or admin is added or removed from a Classroom group, or if the first name, last name, or user type of a user is changed. The profile under the Device > Profiles tab will also show whether it’s a User or Device profile.

3. A tag has been added to groups under the Device > Memberships tab indicating whether the group has Apple Classroom selected or not.


1. Fixed an issue that caused forgotten devices to retain their MDM profile at random.

2. When selecting the Mass Assign button when no DEP profile is selected under Settings > Apple DEP, an error will now show explaining this is an invalid selection.