Release Notes: Mobile Manager: March 30, 2017

Mobile Manager was updated today!


1. There is a new restriction called Allow Dictation for iOS 10.3 devices. Dictation allows your users to use voice to enter text into their device.

2. You are now able to shut down and restart iOS 10.3 devices. The options are now available from Options > Power Options from the device view. Note that the option to remove the passcode is also available from these settings. This is useful if the device’s user may not know the passcode, as the device could possibly need to be restored through iTunes if the passcode is forgotten.

3. When an iOS 10.3 device is put in lost mode, you can now activate the lost mode sound through the lost mode modal.

4. Three new fields are available for the APN / Cellular policy: IP Version, IP Version While Roaming, and IP Version While Domestic Roaming. These fields allow you to select whether you would like to use IPv4 or IPv6 on iOS 10+ devices in each scenario.


Fixed an issue where a device could be decommissioned while in lost mode.