Release Notes: Mobile Manager: March 31, 2017

Mobile Manager was updated today!


1. Apple TVs that are supervised and running 10.2+ have the following new features:

a. A new restriction called Allow request to pair Apple TV with iOS Remote app has been added.

b. The ability to wipe and restart the device have been added to the Options menu. Note that the option to restart is under Power Options.

c. You can now gather a list of installed apps from Apple TVs.

d. There is a new policy called Conference Room Display with a field that allows you to set a message that will appear on-screen when in       conference room display mode.

e. Through the Edit Details section of an Apple TV, you can now remotely change the name of the device

2. Shared iOS devices have a new category under Options called Diagnostic Settings. This will open a modal that will provide two options. The first, Send diagnostic information to Apple, is required to be selected for the second, Shared diagnostic info with app developers, to be functional. Note that upon save, the settings are sent to the device, but ‘Shared diagnostic info with app developers’ can then be changed from the device’s Settings.

3. Under Reports > Devices, a new option has been added for exporting device counts. This will send a .csv file to a provided email address containing a list of counts for each type of device, for both the organization level and its schools. Note that this feature is only accessible from the organization level.