Release Notes: Mobile Manager: May 18, 2017

Mobile Manager was updated today!


  1. The Device Details section within Devices has been updated. Previously, top level tabs showed Installed and Inhereted tabs for both Books and Apps. Now, only the Books and Apps tabs appear at the top level, while the Inhereted and Installed tabs have been relocated to appear under these top level tabs.
    Note: The Books tab only appears on iOS devices.

  2. The Devices section has been revamped. Devices now display a variety of additional information, including OS Version, Battery Level, Free Disk Space, Total Disk Space, iTunes Active, Supervised, Last Check-in, and Last Info Update.


  • Corrected an issue where selecting to Create Admin from existing user would cause the admin account to downgrade their admin level to the level of the admin that is being created. Ex. a District Admin that is also being made an admin of a School would become a School Admin.