Release Notes: Mobile Manager – November 5, 2018

The following feature was added and change was made to Mobile Manager.


  • Added the following options to the list of skipped items for DEP setup:
    • SIM Setup
    • Privacy
    • Display Tone
    • Home Button Sensitivity
    • iMessage and FaceTime
    • On-Boarding Information
    • Watch Migration
    • Lockscreen Appearance (MacOS)
    • File Vault (MacOS)
    • iCloud Diagnostics (MacOS)
    • iCloud Storage (MacOS)
    • Registration (MacOS)
    • Screen Saver (Apple TV)
    • Screen Layout (Apple TV)
    • TV Provider (Apple TV)
    • TV Location (Apple TV)


  • Deprecated the Create Smart Group button.

    The preferred method for adding Smart Groups is to navigate to the Groups > Smart Groups (tab) page. Click the “+” button (right of the Group search bar) to open the Add Smart Group window.

    Click here to learn more about Smart Groups.