Release Notes: Mobile Manager: September 8, 2017

Mobile Manager was updated today!


1. A Check for updates button has been added to the Apps page for each individual app. Click the button to automatically check for app updates.

2. The options to Force App Management and to Force App Updates have been moved. Now, when the Reinstall App button is selected on an app, a modal will pop up with the option to chose Force App Management and Force App Updates. The same options are presented when reinstalling apps for the Apps Mobile Manager tab, the Apps tab of an iOS device, or through Options > Reinstall Apps on an iOS device.

3. On iOS, OS X, and Windows devices, the Apps > Inherited tab will now show if the apps are Managed Distribution or Business Store Portal apps.


  • Corrected an issue that limited containers to a single Android App and failed to obtain app data, such as name and version information.
  • Added paging to the Portal page. Now shows 50 apps per page.
  • In some instances, after updating an app in a container, devices wouldn’t receive an update due to the way app developers numbered their versions. This has been fixed, and devices will now update their apps if the Force Update option is checked when reinstalling apps. Note that updating through the App Updates report will now always force update.
  • The managed distribution fields at the bottom of the Device > General tab have now been moved to the Device > Apps > Licenses tab. This should help with some cases of slow performance when viewing devices caused by having large amounts of MD licenses assigned to the device.
  • Fixed an issue with Windows devices not displaying any inherited apps under the device’s Apps tab.