Release Notes: Relay – June 18, 2018

We’re excited to announce that Relay Smart Agents are now available for multiple operating systems and devices! To use Relay’s new Smart Agents (and add additional devices to Relay), contact to increase your number of available licenses.

What is a Smart Agent?

Smart Agents make it possible to run Relay on any Windows, Mac, or iOS device. This means you can take advantage of Relay’s filtering and reporting features for most devices on your network.

How do I install Smart Agents on my devices?

Log in to Relay and navigate to the Settings > Software page. Click the corresponding tab for OS-specific installation instructions.

Also, reference our Smart Agent Guide for a list of open (unblocked) URLs that are required for running Relay on a filtered network.

Are there any known issues with these initial Smart Agents?

Yes. We are aware of these Known Issues (based on customer feedback and our own testing), however, these issues will be addressed in future releases.

As always, refer to our Smart Agent and Relay documentation as a resource.