Release Notes: Rocket: August 10, 2016 (3.2.1rc1)

Rocket v3.2.1rc1 is now available! This release candidate adds many changes and fixes from the previous release, including enhancements to identification services, reporting, and cluster set-ups.


Added an index for identification statistics
Updated directory cache to include sAMAccountName and userPrincipalName formats
Cleaned up the interface settings page for certain hardware models
Proxy services now honor internal ignore rule settings inclusively
Added the ability to summarize a Network Access Report
Removed the requirement to use a forward slash when searching Google OUs


Corrected multiple issues that could limit the number of identified cloud authentication source users
Fixed an issue preventing the Campus Library redirect from working properly
Corrected an issue where member health status was not correctly updated when joined to a cluster by hostname
Fixed an issue where Open Directory groups were not cached correctly
Corrected a UI issue where policy assignment creation could default to the root tier
Fixed an issue where local database group assignments were not enforced by policy
Fixed an issue with the API service process to prevent middleware from logging to an active terminal
Authentication source encryption settings for Open Directory are now appropriately applied
Fixed an issue where the categories were not being blocked properly with IP filtering unless they were sealed or locked
Corrected an issue where Override Users lists were not being enforced
Corrected an issue where the destination of certain non-HTTP traffic was not recorded as expected
Corrected an issue that arose with the console private key when not appropriately established
Corrected an issue where the identification service could crash when authentication source parameters were incomplete or incorrect
Corrected an issue that could prevent DCUA users from being identified correctly
Resolved an issue where the NTP Server setting would only allow a FQDN
Resolved an issue that arose when editing existing administrator accounts
Corrected issues with P2P Exemptions
Corrected an issue with Authentication Lifetimes
Resolved an issue with tier and auth source drop-downs
Resolved issues that arose when creating and importing certificates
Corrected an issue with Identification Lookups
Resolved an issue with URL Pattern formatting
Corrected issues that prevented report filters from applying
Corrected an issue that prevented tier admins from accessing the Audit Log
Corrected an issue where the Audit Log could not be filtered
Corrected an issue with the Submit for Review page
Resolved an issue that arose when canceling a Custom Report
Corrected an issue with Rule Set Assignments not showing IP addresses
Corrected issues with the Setup Wizard
Resolved an issue that caused Search Queries on the dashboard to not update automatically
Corrected an issue with the System Health Widget
Resolved an issue with Force HTTPS Console in Cluster setups
Corrected an issue that caused dates in reports to revert back to Today
Resolved an issue with duplicate internal ignores
Corrected an issue with SSL Decryption Exclusions
Resolved an issue with Identity Tracker cluster members