Release Notes

Release Notes: Rocket: Sept 19, 2016 (v3.2.1rc8)

Rocket v3.2.1rc8 is now available. This release includes changes and fixes that resolve issues from the previous release candidate.

Note: Updating to rc8 may take an hour or more due to database migration. Please perform the update during a time when downtime will not affect your network. 


  • Added the Background Reporting Service to the System Health widget and notification system.
  • Added an option to temporarily enable verbose database query logging.
  • Administrators are now able to summarize Network Access reports.
  • URL Patterns may now be created with wildcards within URLs.
  • The ‘Time’ column is now available in the ‘Blocked for Review’ report.


  • Corrected certificate file permissions on self-signed certificates
  • Corrected an error during CSR creation
  • Custom categories are now shown in the appropriate rule set sections
  • The web service is now properly restarted after certificate creation
  • Fixed an issue with the Restart and Shutdown functions from the UI
  • Oauth authentication sources are now hidden from proxy authentication

Errors in SMTP settings are now more specific in log output

  • Fixed an issue where categorized sites with http or https prepended return ‘No Result’
  • Corrected an issue that could arise when saving Network Interfaces
  • Fixed an issue in report filtering where multiple ‘IS’ statements returned ‘No Results’
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the UI from loading multiple reports
  • Resolved an issue with proxy certificate recreation
  • Corrected an issue saving an IPv6 address to tier address space
  • Corrected an issue where filtering the Audit Log by Type returned ‘No Result’
  • Rockets are now able to SMTP relay through Google mail services
  • Corrected a missing translation in the setup wizard
  • New Manager queries for Web Zone Managers now return the appropriate results per type
  • Corrected an issue where the ‘blocked image’ thumbnail was unavailable
  • Corrected a file handling issue when writing to the db log on UI activity
  • Corrected an error when summarizing activity logs while using an ‘IS’ filter
  • Corrected an issue where a trailing slash could prevent categorization of a URL
  • Fixed an issue preventing expiration of web authentication events via the Authentication Report
  • Corrected an issue that could cause the Deploy button to get stuck at ‘deploying’
  • Resolved an issue with the policy server not properly removing a deleted mobile device from cache
  • Corrected multiple report filtering, summarizing and drill down issues
  • Corrected issues with displaying database categories in alphabetical order in dropdown menus
  • Resolved issues with searching the database for categorized sites
  • Corrected issues with rule set schedules not properly requiring a base rule set
  • Fixed issues with Save notifications not always being displayed properly
  • Corrected issues with existing policy assignments showing an old name after being changed
  • Corrected issues that would prevent valid URL patterns from being saved
  • Fixed an issue that would cause upgrade problems if the server locale was not found
  • Corrected an issue where the audit log would not show the proper name for the modified object
  • Resolved an issue with Chrome User Agent clients not identified properly when used through a proxy
  • Resolved issues where the correct ‘wait here’ page was not displayed when joining a cluster
  • Corrected network connectivity tests issues for cloud services
  • Corrected issues with overrides not being applied when using Google or Office 365 authentication
  • Corrected an issue that would occur when restoring a backup from a different Rocket
  • Resolved several performance and stability issues affecting proxy services
  • Resolved an issue that could result in internal Mobile Filter clients overwriting User Agent identification
  • Corrected issues related to Mobile Filter clients not authenticating to the correct authentication sources
  • Resolved issues with URL Patterns not being applied properly
  • Corrected issues with Mobile Filter clients not being registered to the correct tier
  • Corrected multiple stability and performance issues with the identification service
  • Resolved reporting issues that would result in Traffic by User reports not populating
  • Corrected multiple stability and performance issues with the policy service
  • Corrected issues with Policy Assignment Calendar ‘School’s Out’ days not enforced properly
  • Corrected issues with the policy service incorrectly expiring locally categorized domains, IP addresses or URLs
  • Resolved several issues with exported reports and scheduled reports
  • Corrected issues that could result in web console debug logs and temp files filling up the root partition
  • Resolved issues with System Health widget and Notifications that could display false positives in clustered environments
  • Corrected an issue with URLs not always redirected as expected
  • Captive Portal authentication now uses the proper HTTP status code
  • Resolved an issue that prevented image thumbnail filtering from working correctly in some circumstances
  • Corrected issues that could result in Proxy ACL files written with incorrect information
  • Corrected proxy ACL issues that would not properly identify clients as external
  • Corrected policy assignment issues for LMA clients
  • Corrected an issue that could result in new custom categories receiving an incorrect ID
  • Corrected reporting issues that would result in web activity displayed as from previously logged off users
  • Corrected an issue with directory cache files not properly purged

Known Issues

  • During Rocket install, certain proxy ACL files are reset to defaults. Any customization to the browsers or problem apps will require ACLs re-implementation after install.
  • Database reindexing on systems with large stats tables can take an extended amount of time to update.