Release Notes: Web Filter (3.5.0 RC1) – December 22, 2017

The following features and fixes have been applied to the Rocket/Web Filter.

Note: This update may take longer than previous updates.


  • Added individual User Report (exported and emailed as a .csv file).
  • Added support to add virtual Rockets to a cluster and run the Web Filter role.
  • Added setting to share Mobile Identification with proxy’s setup in hybrid networks. (Web Filter > Settings > Authentication).
  • Added verbose Proxy Access log to help troubleshoot and identify support issues (Settings > Advanced > Logs).
  • Added feature to hide Transparent Proxy setting from “non-root” admins.
  • Added ECDH support for Proxy SSL Decryption.
    Note: This requires recreation and redeployment of the Proxy Certificate.
  • Added feature to disable “Open Proxy (no security)” setting for Hybrid Solutions (proxy security is required).


  • Removed the “beta” tag from Web Filter’s SmartPlay feature.
  • Removed excessive logging for Chrome extension (only in the internal network).
  • Improved UI response (will expedite updates to the system health widget).
  • Fixed reports with custom dates to run when the locale is set to English (UK).
  • Updated battery_rockets table (to cluster members) with the correct software version.
  • Corrected an issue that results in missing Identification information for clients running the Web Filter Extension for Google Chrome.
  • Cleaned up background services for restarting.
  • Changed RSA keys to 2048 to support iOS 11.
  • Corrected issue that caused Cloud backups to not display in the UI.
  • Fixed Lockout emails to always have available user information (only when the cluster includes a Reporting Rocket).
  • Corrected issue that resulted in scheduled reports disappearing when upgrading from v2.
  • Fixed Lockout notifications from sending multiple emails per lockout.
  • Fixed scheduled reports to show the correct name after editing the report name.
  • Fixed the cluster upgrade process so that the Master Rocket must be a higher version before upgrading.
  • Added setting to enable transparent proxy when there is a Traffic Bridge in the cluster.
  • Fixed Proxy handing for SSL requests in a tiered environment. This ensures that all requests are filtered based on tier settings.
  • Subnet labels display correctly in exported CSV reports (when using an AR).
  • Fixed the UI from “hanging” when running an Identification History report and other services.