Mobile Manager Webinar Replay & FAQ

Yesterday we hosted a Mobile Manager webinar that provided information on the benefits of Mobile Manager, the new features in v3 (like Managed Distribution, Device Enrollment Program, and Smart Groups), and migration from v1 to v3. We had more than 500 people register, and before and during the webinar hundreds of questions came in. Thank you all for your participation!

We hear you: you need information! And we’re excited to share these new and updated resources with you to help with your Mobile Manager and mobile learning deployments.

Watch the webinar replay:

Then check out these Knowledgebase articles:

We compiled the questions from the webinar and other sources into these posts of the most common questions and concerns.

We’ll continue to update all of these FAQ posts regularly as questions come in.

Thank you all.

  • Dean Elliott says:

    Does the lightspeed MDM allow me to push out a profile that will allow me to track the location of the device for a ipad?

    Is there a way to have all the apps load on a ipad after loading the MDM without having to tap to install each one?

    Thank you.

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