Classroom for Teachers

Welcome to the Classroom for Teachers course! Classroom is an intuitive way to monitor your students, keep them safe and on track, and save you time. In this course, you’ll learn about Classroom’s features and tools. At the end of…

Web Filter 3 in 60 Minutes

This course introduces you to the basic functions and settings of Web Filter 3.

Encrypted Traffic, Proxy & Your Web Filter

Learn how to configure the Web Filter as a proxy server for optimal reporting and traffic handling.

Mobile Manager in 60 Minutes

This course introduces you the essential functions and setting of Mobile Manager.

Web Filter 3: Overview and Changes from Web Filter 2

This course details and explains all significant changes from Web Filter 2 to 3.

Relay for Chrome – Comprehensive

This course provides an extensive overview of Relay.

Classroom Orchestrator for Admins

This course teaches you how to use Classroom Orchestrator NEXT as an Admin.

Summer of Longhorn – Web Filter 3 Training Webinars

Check out comprehensive Longhorn training in these on-demand webinars.

Web Filter 3 – Certification

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Web Filter 3 Reporting

This course encompasses all Web Filter 3 reporting documentation.

SSL Explained

This course explains SSL and how it applies to Lightspeed Systems products.

PAC Files Explained