Mobile Manager for Administrators

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Using the Launch Dashboard – Teachers

Launch is your starting point for accessing and sharing resources, managing devices, and monitoring your classroom’s online activity.

Getting Started, Launch, Teachers

Mobile Manager – Beyond Launch to Deploying Apps and More

This course will guide you through functions not accessible in the simplified Launch interface.

Mobile Manager – iOS Best Practices

This course provides an overview of iOS best practices for Mobile Manager.

Web Filter 2 – Introductory

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Classroom Orchestrator for Teachers

This course is meant to teach both teachers and admins how to use Classroom Orchestrator as a teacher.

Web Filter 2 – Comprehensive

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Mobile Manager in 60 Minutes

This course introduces you the essential functions and setting of Mobile Manager.

Classroom Orchestrator for Admins

This course provides an in-depth overview of Classroom Orchestrator for admins.

Web Filter 3 in 60 Minutes

This course introduces you to the basic functions and settings of Web Filter 3.

Web Filter 3: Overview and Changes from Web Filter 2

This course details and explains all significant changes from Web Filter 2 to 3.

SIS Integration – Lightspeed CSV Method

Importing data from your student information system (SIS) is the most practical and advantageous way to promote adoption of the classroom tools in Mobile Manager, Web Filter, and Classroom Orchestrator.