Relay Beginner’s Course

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Integrating Your Rocket with AD

This video guides you through integrating your Rocket 3 with Active Directory.

SIS Integration – SIMS

In the UK, importing data from SIMS is the most practical and advantageous way to promote adoption of the classroom tools in Mobile Manager, Web Filter, and Classroom Orchestrator.

Web Filter 2 Drill-Down Reports

This video demonstrates how to drill-down reports in Web Filter 2.

Proper Placement of Your Rocket as a Transparent Bridge

This video explains how to properly place your Rocket as a transparent bridge.

Enabling Transparent SSL Proxy

This video guides you through enabling transparent SSL proxy in Web Filter 3.

Filter Bypass Tools Webinar

August 10 – Blocking Psiphon and Other Filter Bypass Tools Learn about a new feature coming this summer to Longhorn to help school block and manage filter bypass tools like Psiphon and UltraSurf.

Filtering in 15

This video will guide you through setting up your Web Filter 3 to begin filtering.

Initial Rocket V.2 Console Setup

This videos provides a step-by-step guide to performing the initial Rocket 2 console setup.

Making a Manual Backup of your Rocket

This video guides you through creating a manual backup of your Rocket.

Creating a Rocket Thumb Drive with MacOS

This video will walk you through creating a Rocket thumb drive with a device running MacOS.

Parent Intro to Relay

View and download this one-page PDF now.