Navigating Reports – Exporting

This video explains how to export reports in Web Filter 3.

Making a Manual Backup of your Rocket

This video guides you through creating a manual backup of your Rocket.

Integrating Your Rocket with AD Troubleshooting

This video provides troubleshooting tips for integrating your Rocket 3 with Active Directory.

Creating a Rocket Thumb Drive

This video guides you through creating a Rocket thumb drive.

Creating and Restoring a Manual Backup

This video will walk you though creating and restoring a manual Rocket backup.

Initial Rocket V.2 Console Setup

This videos provides a step-by-step guide to performing the initial Rocket 2 console setup.

Chrome Bundle Teacher Walkthrough

This video walks you through using the Lightspeed Chrome Bundle as a teacher.

Creating a Cluster

This video explains how to create a cluster in Web Filter 3.

What’s in the Box – Rocket

This video reviews what comes in the box together with your Rocket hardware.

Managing Widgets

This video explains how to manage widgets in Web Filter 3 reporting.

SSL + Lightspeed

Learn everything you need to know about SSL and how the Lightspeed Web Filter handles decrypting traffic.

Rocket Web Console Setup V.2

This video provides step-by-step guidelines on performing the main Rocket 2 console setup.