Initial Rocket V.2 Console Setup

This videos provides a step-by-step guide to performing the initial Rocket 2 console setup.

Navigating Reports – Exporting

This video explains how to export reports in Web Filter 3.

Integrating Your Rocket with AD Troubleshooting

This video provides troubleshooting tips for integrating your Rocket 3 with Active Directory.

Managing Widgets

This video explains how to manage widgets in Web Filter 3 reporting.

Creating a Rocket Thumb Drive

This video guides you through creating a Rocket thumb drive.

Creating and Restoring a Manual Backup

This video will walk you though creating and restoring a manual Rocket backup.

Chrome Bundle Teacher Walkthrough

This video walks you through using the Lightspeed Chrome Bundle as a teacher.

What’s in the Box – Rocket

This video reviews what comes in the box together with your Rocket hardware.

Rocket Web Console Setup V.2

This video provides step-by-step guidelines on performing the main Rocket 2 console setup.

Creating a Cluster

This video explains how to create a cluster in Web Filter 3.

Administrative Setup Root Tier

This video guides you through setting up the root tier in Web Filter 3.

Racking the Rocket

This video demonstrates how to rack your Rocket.