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Welcome Teachers!

Teacher University is here to help you master the technology in your classroom–tame it, unleash it, bend it to your will–so students can learn in the empowering environment you create!

In a hurry? Stop by every so often and snack on bite-sized how-tos for addressing specific needs. You’ll find them under Topics. Under Downloads, find and save an appropriate quick start guide as a cheat sheet. Full courses are on the right. Now have some fun. #imanagemytech

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Classroom Orchestrator Quick Start Guide for Google

Classroom Orchestrator

Web Zones Quick Start Guide


Campus Library Quick Start Guide


Classroom Orchestrator Quick Start for Windows

Classroom Orchestrator

Parent Intro to Classroom Orchestrator

Classroom Orchestrator

Parent Intro to Mobile Manager

Mobile Manager

Topic based solutions

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Relay Classroom for Teachers

Welcome to the Relay Classroom for Teachers course! Relay Classroom is an intuitive way to monitor your...


Classroom Orchestrator for Teachers

This course teaches you how to use Classroom Orchestrator NEXT as a Teacher.


Campus Library – Access Educational Resources

Campus Library is chock-full of teacher-contributed educational content including YouTube videos, websites,...