3 Things to Know for March

1. Are you using Launch?
Are you using Launch (http://launch.lightspeedsystems.com) to log into your Lightspeed Systems solutions? This simple dashboard gives admins and teachers single sign-on to the product features they need, so IT gets easy access to admin tools while teachers get basic management tools and our Campus LibraryHere is an introduction to Launchhere is information on how to create teacher accounts.

2. It’s not too late to attend our weekly webinar.
We’re continuing to host webinars on the Management Bundle for Windows every Wednesday at 10 AM PST. Don’t hesitate to check it out. In the meantime, check out this case study on Roselle Parks School District in New Jersey and why they love the bundle.

3. Google and YouTube troubles? Try this trick.
Are you having problems configuring Google Safe Search and YouTube Safety Mode? Make sure your DNS servers aren’t in the Lightspeed Systems ignore lists. Find information on ignore lists here and here.

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