4 Ways Lightspeed Empowers the IT and K-12 Teaching Communities

As the old saying goes, it takes a village. K-12 students need the full support of their teachers, parents and school IT teams to ensure their access to digital learning tools is safe and appropriate.

The team at Lightspeed Systems understands this; in fact, many of our team members have worked at K-12 schools. That’s why our Community site is tailored to help IT and teachers leverage Lightspeed Systems solutions to their full potential, with helpful documentation, simple how-tos and training courses.

But there’s a lot more to the Community site than you may realize. Make sure you take advantage of these four, great resources for IT and teachers on the Community site.


Don’t forget about live support chat

Via the green Chat tab on the Community site homepage, a dedicated team of experts is available to assist you with finding the support articles you need or answering your questions about Lightspeed Systems solutions. (Tip: You need to be logged in to see this.)


See where we’re headed with the Dev Hub

The Dev Hub is a useful tool for Lightspeed customers whether they’re teachers or IT professionals.

Here, you’ll find the product features our team is developing to better serve you. We’ve got some really exciting new tools on our roadmap and we’re always listening to your feedback to develop the features you want to see.

Have an idea for a feature? Tell us here.


Get up to date on our latest feature and product releases

Want to get updates for your Lightspeed solutions as they happen? Sign up for Release Notes to be notified by email when updates are released. Log into the Community site and go here to select the Release Notes you want to receive. (Tip: Make sure to allow emails from community@lightspeedsystems.com to keep these notifications from going to your spam folder.)


Teachers can go to school, too

We recently made our powerful classroom management solution, Classroom Orchestrator, available (at no additional cost) to all customers who license Lightspeed Systems solutions.

Now that students are back in school, make sure your teachers are prepared to use classroom technology by recommending Lightspeed’s Teacher U. Although most of the Community site requires login credentials (which are limited to Support-Entitled Users), Teacher U is open for your teachers to use without logging in.

Here, your staff can find tips and tricks, downloads, and full courses for leveraging the full power of Lightspeed’s solutions in the classroom.

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