9 Tips to Make Back-to-School a Breeze

The students are back, the halls are full, the classrooms are buzzing. No doubt it’s a busy time of year to be in a school IT department, but we’re here to help. Here are some tips for keeping everything running smoothly.

…with Web Filter

Set clear expectations – Using Lockouts right from the start of the year lets students know that their repeated attempts to get around the filter will lead to a loss of access.
Filter off-site – I still hear about districts that start the year off sending school-owned devices home with students without any filtering or reporting on off-network activity. Those districts usually change their mind early in the school year, as students test limits and parents react. Fortunately, we have a solution for off-site mobile filtering for any device you’re deploying.
Block Pokèmon Go – It was great for getting kids outside over the summer, but it might not be so great during school. We make it easy to block Pokèmon Go, and other apps or sites. Teachers who want to incorporate it into lessons can do so easily with temporary Web Zones. And you can even adjust policies with Schedules to allow it in evenings and weekends.

…with Classroom Orchestrator

Give teachers peace of mind – There are probably more devices on your network this year than last year, and that can be overwhelming in a classroom. Giving teachers a tool that lets them monitor student activity can keep students on track, and teachers at ease.
Check your dynamic refresh rate – Other classroom management solutions have a problem with using too much bandwidth and bringing down your network. Not Classroom Orchestrator! Use your district and school configuration to set the refresh rate that gives you the perfect balance between your network health and your visibility needs.
Remember to Record – The “record” button in Classroom Orchestrator records a user’s activity, preserving great information (good or bad) to share during a parent-teacher conference. Best of all, our unique rolling cache means that the moments BEFORE record was clicked are captured, too.

…with Mobile Manager

Establish hierarchy and inheritance – Your Mobile Manager hierarchy is set to mirror your district’s, with a balance between inherited policies, central control, and group-based differentiation. Get up to speed on hierarchy and inheritance and you’ll save time all year long.
Block time wasters – Whether it’s built-in iOS apps or things like SnapChat and Kik, it’s easy to block apps that you don’t want on your school devices.
Get teachers involved – Mobile Manager includes powerful tools for teachers in the classroom, letting them view battery levels, set temporary device policies, push web clips, or lock into a single app.

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  • Jason Blum says:

    I found this article “9 Tips to Make Back-to-School a Breeze” by Amy Bennett to be very useful and informative. Thank you for sharing these great tips and tricks. Jason Blum – Huntley Community School District 158.

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