ISTE 2017: 3 Top Takeaways From This Year’s Conference

This week, the Lightspeed Systems team was at North America’s largest ed-tech conference, ISTE 2017, in San Antonio, Texas. We talked to hundreds of IT professionals and spent hours addressing their biggest device management and web filtering questions.

Plus, we had a little fun at our official ISTE social and got to know our community of IT pros even better.

If you were an attendee at ISTE, we hope you had a chance to stop by and see some of our solutions in action. Didn’t have time for a demo? You can request one at any time by using this form or emailing us at

There was much to be learned at ISTE from the ed-tech community. Here are our top three takeaways from ISTE to keep in mind as you head back to work and prep for the new school year.


1. Your district went one-to-one — now what? This was a common discussion at ISTE this year. Many experts led sessions and workshops, and revealed helpful strategies to implement and deploy a successful one-to-one. The heart of the solution is understanding your environment. Every deployment is unique, and you need products with a variety of deployment options, plus device- and OS-agnostic solutions.

Lightspeed Systems has solutions to match all your needs. We support Google Chrome, Apple, and Windows devices plus offer deployment options in the cloud, private cloud and inline. Whatever your deployment goals are, we have options to get you there.


2. Managing any new tech in a classroom setting can be daunting. For IT and teachers alike, introducing new tech to thousands of students can be an obstacle. Training is essential, and tools to easily manage device usage are key.

When your district starts working with us, you’ll have access to all the training and guides you need for deployment and management. IT will get comprehensive walk-throughs and guides to set up and manage each product, and our robust Teacher U will help teachers leverage this technology in the classroom.

Powerful classroom management tools are also included in every Lightspeed solution. With Classroom Orchestrator, teachers can quickly and easily view student screens, lock devices and share resources. This ensures students stay on-task and utilize their new devices appropriately during lessons.


3. Data protection is (and will always be) absolutely critical. Student privacy is at stake when data is compromised, and that’s the last thing anyone working in ed-tech wants to happen.

Lightspeed Systems is committed to protecting privacy and data while complying with all regulations. Lightspeed Systems maintains strict administrative, technical and physical procedures to protect information stored in our servers, and only authorized individuals can access the servers and data. To learn more about our privacy policy, view this page and review our Protecting Privacy report.


We hope your trip to ISTE gave you the insights you need to make your one-to-one deployment a success, and we look forward to seeing you at future events!

Share your ISTE takeaways with us in the comments section on this post — we’d love to hear from you.

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