How Lightspeed Systems Relay Can Help Teach Digital Citizenship

Lightspeed Systems makes it easy for school IT teams to manage devices and safely power digital learning for students. But how can students become better digital citizens as they use the internet to learn and grow?

Digital citizenship comprises many aspects of one’s online behavior, but a major focus of digital citizenship in K-12 is teaching students how to protect themselves online and how to appropriately use the internet as learning tool.

If you are or have been a Lightspeed Systems Web Filter customer, you’re familiar with the Lockouts feature. Lockouts lets IT temporarily lock out students from the internet if students attempt to visit blocked sites repeatedly.

Schools can customize conditions for a lockout to occur (e.g., a student attempts to accessed blocked websites more than three times in one minute). Schools can also determine what types of sites trigger a lockout.

Now, Lockouts is available as a limited beta release in Relay, with a general release to all customers coming soon.

IT can enable the setting on the left menu of Relay; click on Internet Access, then select Default Rules. Scroll down to find Lockouts, then click the radio button next to Enable Lockouts.



Once the Lockouts feature is enabled, IT can set conditions for lockouts. If you want someone on school staff to be notified whenever a lockout occurs, you can enter that person’s email address under Email Notifications.

The automated but flexible nature of Lockouts means IT can customize this feature and carry on, knowing that inappropriate behavior will have consequences for students.

Another great thing about Lockouts in Relay is that students receive a customized lockout page message, telling the student exactly why they can no longer access the internet during their lockout period.



This tool helps students understand that their online actions have consequences. Lockouts also encourage them to examine why the sites they are attempting to access are blocked; maybe those sites are distracting in a school setting, or perhaps they’re inappropriate for young people in general.

Worried about getting a student back online quickly during a lockout? No problem. Flexible teacher overrides mean the a lockout won’t negatively impact in-class learning — during testing periods, for example.

You can check out more documentation for Relay Lockouts here.

Not a Lightspeed Systems customer? Want to see how Lockouts can help your students? Request a demo of Relay to learn how to solve your school filtering and device management problems.

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