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Feb 7

Quick Access to the User Information Window


Quickly view the User Information window in Relay. From the Dashboard, Reports, or Flagged Queue pages, click on a user’s name to open the window and view Flagged Content, Website History, Location History, and Detail.

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Oct 24

iOS 11 Allows to lock device without prompting

Check out the new Mobile Manager feature that allows classroom to Lock an App or lock the device without prompting!

Oct 18

Filter Bypass controls

Learn how the newest version of Web Filter can stop bypass programs like Psiphon and Hotspot Shield!

Oct 9

Relay best practice webinar

Learn how to be a Relay Pro with this new webinar of Tips and Tricks!

Oct 4

Chrome MF Extension install

Looking to install the latest most secure Web Filtering extension for your Chromebooks?

Oct 2

PAC file course

Attempting to control what domains are proxied and which ones are not off campus? Learn more about selective proxy and PAC files here!

Sep 23

Web Filter 2 End of Support

Web Filter 2 support ends on Dec 31, 2017. Get upgraded to v3 Longhorn today (at no cost) to get the latest features and ongoing support.

Sep 22

Changes to Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy has been updated. Learn more here!

Sep 19

Manual Certs on iOS 11

Are you installing your Proxy certificates manually and updating to iOS 11? Click here to learn about how to trust manually installed certificates in iOS 11.

Sep 12

Cyberbullying Poll

Help us combat cyberbullying and you could win an iPad Pro!